Sunday, May 9, 2010


It has already been one year since I married my bestie!

We have the easiest anniversary ever to remember.... CINCO de MAYO! Since our anniversary was on a weekday we decided to celebrate our Mexican Holiday on Wednesday and celebrate our anniversary on the weekend. We went to Diego's for some taquitos on Wednesday night. Billy loves Mexican food but I am never in the mood for it..... I think that just knowing it was a Mexican Holiday made me crave it (I am strange).

Friday night we went to the usual hang out spot, Pizza Pie Cafe, with Rachelle, Dallas and Shelly. Yes, we were there for nearly 3 hours laughing. Saturday we headed up to Salt Lake and walked around the gateway! I don't know what it is about an outdoor mall but I just love the atmosphere. Billy always has to hold me back from jumping in the fountain.
Next stop, Little America Hotel. My family used to eat Thanksgiving every year there and I have always loved it. Our room came with a goodie bag and also dinner and breakfast. It was PERFECT. We went swimming, ate lots of treats, and watched Nitro Circus (yes, I am an MTV junkie) until 1:30 a.m. The whole weekend I kept thinking how amazing it is that you really can fall more and more in love with someone.
It was so nice just getting away from everything for 24 hours. Including the mouse (Herbie) that has been living in our house for the last 4 days. We thought we would come home to find him in one of the 6 mouse traps but no he is still alive and kicking.
Random pictures over the last year: