Sunday, December 20, 2009

Before Billy I Never..........

1. Ate bedtime snacks of pretzels/cheezits/cereal in bed
2. Took a multivitamin
3. Kept a credit card for 6 months before I lost it.
4. Cleaned up a dead spider
5. Read books for fun
6. Put my car keys in the same place after use (k I am still working on that)
7. Listened to Taylor Swift
8. Got excited about Apple coming out with a new product
9. Ate hamburgers very often let alone bacon
10. Watched an ENTIRE football game
11. Shaved my legs in the winter (not that Billy does that)
12. Knew how to whistle (took me three times to spell that right ha)
13. Was so hopeful and happy

I guess its pretty fun trying to be like your best friend.

P.S This is the back of Billy's new shirt, I laugh so hard every time he wears it....nerd alert:)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I know it's Christmas time but......

I am a little ashamed but I just emailed my husband my birthday wish list. It is still 59 days away but I get a little excited. Plus I already picked out my Christmas presents in a stop to Nordstrom. Don't feel bad for Billy I already have all of his Christmas presents and I already know what I want to get for his birthday in July before I started thinking about what I want for my Birthday. Still how did I get so lucky with such a selfless husband. New Years Resolution #1: Stop online shopping during school and stop counting down days until my Birthday (I have done this since I learned how to count).

Here are a few of my favorites.

Steve Madden 'Cybul' BootLush Rosette Appliquéd Tee (Juniors)TOMS 'Classic' Canvas Slip-On (Women)
P.S. Cute story....
So about a month and a half ago Billy and I were at a football game when I noticed a girl with an amazing headband/beanie/ear warmer. I told Billy that I must have that. I forgot about it but Billy researched Etsy and asked girls on campus that were wearing one where they got it. He surprised me on Friday with an early Christmas present.... a purple and a red headband. So stinkin thoughtful!

Thick Burnt Orange Knit Flower Headband. Can also be worn as a Neckwarmer Buy 2 and SAVE

Monday, December 14, 2009

How much is too much?

This entry is completely ridiculous…read at your own risk. When does hot chocolate cross the line from not so bad for you to half of your daily caloric intake/addiction? I am worried I am teetering on a thin line and I don’t want to end up at weekly HCA meetings. I could blame this ‘problem’ on -3 degree weather but to be honest I think I could drink hot chocolate all year long. So is it weird that I drink on average four-five glasses of hot chocolate a day? How much is too much? How much hot chocolate do you drink?

Monday, November 30, 2009

This week I….

-Played qb at the annual chick bowl.

-Ate Pedros….Billy’s favorite taquito in the world (I submitted this photo to

-Made cupcakes of course along with my first cupcake shake with Jimmy.

-Mastered weird human tricks. Yes, I can levitate.

-Slept on an air mattress that somehow broke Thanksgiving night after eating so much and woke up on the floor. We already heard all of the fat jokes you can think of please do not leave a fat joke comment.

-Went running and to the gym with my mother-in-law and Shelly.

-Played in the Jacobs tennis tournament. Billy and I took first.

-Made up a dance to Miley Cyrus party in the USA

-Played with photo booth on my computer. I love that I can be myself with my in-laws.

-Played ping pong for hours.

-Ate Thanksgiving dinner… it was insanely delicious. There was a pie for each person totaling 14.

-Had tummy time (this is when you eat too much and for some strange reason laying on your tummy helps so much)

-Found out Dan and Jaime are PREGGERS AHHHH! I like to believe that it is because of me that a new child will be entering into the world. I was the matchmaker.

-Enjoyed 80 degree weather.

-Watched the office into the wee hours of the night.

-Watched the byu game comfortably on the couch with more food than you can imagine and sold our game tickets… time to go shopping.

-Woke up with this in my bed cuddled up next to me.....

-Forgot I had a job back home and didn’t grade/plan a thing even though we are starting the human sexuality unit and I have so much preparation to do

Overall, it was pretty much one of my favorite weeks ever.

Isn't he the hottest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i read a book.....

so i have to admit i am not a big reader. i like it when i find a good book and have time to read but usually i stick to cwtv, abc, house and blogs to entertain me in my spare time. i decided i was going to start reading other than from a computer screen. i told my mom about my goal and she recommended the hunger games to me. she is a smart woman....start me on a young adult/kids book so that i don't quit after chapter one and turn on modern family. guess what...... i loved it! i was hooked. i couldn't put it down. (don't tell billy but i have a slight crush on peeta) it was the perfect combination of an action story and love story. read it now.

we are in california for turkey day. we got here last night at 9:30 after an eventful road trip consisting of now and laters, house watching, and napping. today we went to the gym and for a run. my mother-in-law is so speedy!! she ended the run in a full out sprint.... she is my hero! we started cooking today and had a ping-pong tournament and i retired as the house champion. yes it is 80 degrees and billy is wearing shorts. it is going to be hard to go back to the snow....
pictures will be posted shortly. bye bye.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Free Tires for Life=No Bueno

It all started at Brent Brown, August 4, 2008, deciding whether or not to buy my Jeep. The salesman realized they were starting to lose me so they threw in these great deals: FREE TIRES FOR LIFE, free oil change, free car washes and free air fresheners (yes I was very excited for the new car scent for the rest of my jeeps life). I had hit the jackpot. Sergio (my salesman) realized that he had sold me with these offers. Side note: Sergio quit the next day don’t ask me why...oh wait probably because he promised things that he couldn’t fulfill. I believed I was dealing with a win-win situation. I get free tires and they get my mula for the car. Turns out this was a win-LOSE situation….me being the loser. You ask me how? Tires are so expensive who doesn’t want free tires. There was a stipulation in order to receive free tires, every 3,000 miles I had to bring my car in for them to do work performed. A new car doesn’t need all this crazy stuff. Labor is always half the cost. Who knew that rotating tires and ‘checking’ not changing the air filter would total 200 DOLLARS? I need to get into the auto repair business because they are making way more money for spinning tires than I do for molding young children’s minds and helping them to become good citizens. According to my amazing mathematic skills I have probably paid more in unnecessary maintenance than it would cost seven years down the road for a new set of tires.

Plus he left a gross grease smudge on the inside of my door.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

6 Months=180 Days…I think

Can you believe it Billy?? It has been six months since we got hitched! It really has been the BEST decision I have ever made. I decided to write my favorite memories that I have had with my boy in the last six months. Remember readers I am not doing this to make you think my life is better than yours. I feel like some blogs make me feel like I am not doing enough with my life. Believe me…..Our kind of night is eating frozen burritos/baked potatoes and watching House until we go to bed by ten, but really that is ALL I need to be happy with BILLY!!

1. The night we thought there was a burglar in our house when it really was just my clothes rack falling over.

2. Our Mondays together in the summer. Every Monday we both had work off and our days went like this…. Gym, mountain bike, eat, watch Chuck, eat again, make pizza, watch Burn Notice.

3. Dancing together at Katies Halloween party. Dancing is more fun when you are married!

4. Billy taking care of me after my mouth surgery. Whether tucking me in, getting my meds, buying me popsicles, making smoothies and rubbing my head.

5. California 5k together and watching the bike parade while eating pancakes.

6. When Terri died in season one of 24, we were both ecstatic.

7. Billy fixing the heater

8. Playing games on our iphones in bed Sunday mornings for an hour before church.

9. Scooter rides to Utah lake, Smiths or football games.

10. Laughing till we cry watching Always Sunny

11. Being on a softball league together. We WILL get shirts next year.

12. Using our gift cards from the wedding at restaurants. Why did those have to run out? Feel free to send presents for our 6 month anniversary.

13. Watching Billy play with my neices and nephews or listening to my dad talk to him for hours.

14. EVERY morning (not kidding) Billy asks me when we first wake up “what can I do for you.” That is his first thought.

15. There are so many more but my students are finishing up their projects so I better be a good teacher and teach now ha. Bye bye.

Love you BILLY

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Urgent Matter

This little bugger was waiting for me at 9:41 pm last night in my bathroom. It is the only place he knew he could get me because he knew I wouldn't be alone anywhere else in the home except for the bathroom. This is an actual picture of the rodent. I am happy to say I survived this ordeal. I soon realized that he was the suicide bomber. He knew that he would be killed so that his friend (pictured below) would not be expected and could attack me later that evening. Yes it is true. That means there were two ginormous spiders waiting for me in my bathroom. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes, do not live in a home that has openings to the outside world. In case you didn't hear during the summer there were two live bumble bees waiting for me in my bathroom. Hopefully I will be alive for more posts later.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Running=Five Guys

so saturday i taught spin and went for a thirteen mile run with the sis. and what did i do after that???? i made a beautiful lunch filled with lean proteins, veggies and a half cup of brown rice. YEAH RIGHT!!!! i really went to five guys with billy and ate a hamburger and probably close to three serving of fried goodness (french fries). following that, off to the costco to shop and try every sample numerous times!! never before have they had candy samples at the costco. i figured if i visited the candy booth in five minute intervals and took a handful of candies explaining they were for my polygamist family in the cereal aisle the man in the hairnet would never notice i kept coming for more. kids, that is how you trick or treat. why must i kill myself off running up the canyon for two hours and intake the same amount of calories burned in 13 minutes? i guess i will never learn!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

dear today,

why does it have to be the second day of parent teacher conference?

why have I already finished my huge bag of cheezits (9:17 a.m) that were to last until 8 tonight?

why do I have a parent insisting that Billy and I come over to their house next wednesday to tutor their failing daughter for six hours? and why did he give me her phone number to text her at night to go to bed and every morning telling her to get up and come to school. i do not remember ever having a child with this man and now having to be her mother.

why did i wake up to go to the gym at five? i am so tired i can't see straight.

why is the internet slow the days that i am here for thirteen hours?

why do i never remember my classroom is freezing and insist on wearing short sleeved shirts in october.

why can i not come up with the perfect halloween costume?

dear every other day of my life,

why do i love my job so much?!

why does billy know that him dancing in the kitchen after a long day makes me incredibly happy?

how the heck did i get billy?

why does my mom still do my laundry for me because she knows i hate doing laundry?

why did we get an amazing little house to live in that is dirt cheap? and why does our landlord continually pay for our heating/water bills?

why do i have amazing friends in my life that still like me even though i am married? ha

why am i so dang happy?

why am i so lucky to have the gospel in my life?


Janae Jacobs

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Tradition

Every Fall I convince billy that we need to take a trip up the canyon to look at the leaves. At the end of our Sundance extravaganza this year he said, “that was pretty painless.” He always dreads this tradition but I know deep down he loves staring at dying trees with me. I wanted him to collect leaves and start a leaf journal but that was one step too far. This year we traded him going up the canyon (1 hour) for me watching the byu and angel game (5 hours). Fair trade=you decide.

I got thirsty.

Pondering the beauty of his surroundings.

I have been watching way to much “America’s Next Top Model.”

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rise and Shout the Cougars are Out

It is football season and you know what that means in Provo.... BBQ's, traffic, hot chocolate, tackles, sno-cones and BYU students unleashing their crazy side once a week. Yes a student was escorted from the stands by a police officer for throwing a paper airplane last night. Billy and I got all-sports passes this year (our third football season together I might add) with Danny, Shelly and a bunch of friends. Last night BYU played Utah State. Billy and I took the scooter and got parking ten feet from the stadium, it was amazing! The ride home was a little chilly but so worth it.

In other news Billy has been rocking school. He got a 100% on his physics and calculus midterms and a 96% on his electrical engineering and religions tests. The class average for his calculus test was 67%!!! He is clearly the smartest person I know! He also has been learning about how to program applications for the I-phone so if you have any good ideas on an app you would like let us know! I am still LOVING school. My students are the best. It is so fun to get to know their personalities and how they learn best. I have a job that I look forward to getting up in the morning to go to! I started drivers ed. also and I was worried I wouldn't like it but it turns out it is so fun, and we have only had one minor accident ha! Next week I will be having a gum graft so I will be on an all liquid/really soft food diet. Feel free to join me for a weekend filled of movies, milkshakes and pudding. Bye bye for now.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The bell rung!!!

Wow! Who knew teaching was this much work! We started faculty meetings and moving into our new school last monday and I started teaching this Monday and so far it has been the best job I have ever had. It has definitely been the hardest job I have ever had but the best things in life take time and dedication. My classroom is set up and more organized than it will ever be. Yesterday, as a school we went up the Spanish Fork Canyon to do service projects. I ended up cleaning a park restroom that hasn't been cleaned for four years. I am trying to forget the experience but at the same time I am so proud of my students for being such hard workers and positive throughout the experience. Honestly, there really is something different about this high school. This week the students rotate from class to class learning the different habits of highly effective people, participating in social activities and my class (6 most important decisions you will ever make). I know I sound cheesy but I really feel like my students are 'getting it.' I love watching their ahaaa moments when they really finally understand that they are in control of their lives and they have the power to choose which path they take in life. As you can tell I absolutely love it.

Billy has had this past week off. This makes me so happy because for as long as I have known him (2 years) he has been working at MetalMart and working so hard in school full-time! It is a much needed break for him. During his week off he has still stayed very productive (unlike me catching up on every movie at redbox on my days off) He has cleaned the house, made bread, registered my car, helped me with my classroom, bought things for my classroom, errands, fixed his bike, rock climbing, gym, and rub my tired back! He honestly is the best!! Life is good!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Scooter Ride

We drove the 5 blocks to Smiths before we realized we forgot the Redbox we wanted to return. Lame.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

iPhone City

We gave in. We joined the masses and got iPhones. We drove to the Apple store in Salt Lake City as boring old Billy and Janae - but we drove home as proud iPhone owners. Our lives would never be the same. Seriously though. Here are some pictures to prove it:

Don't we look different?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Janae's New Job!

This is a picture of Janae in front of her new school. We went over last night and helped move in all of the tables, chairs, and desks. We didn't get to see Janae's specific class room as they were doing some last minute changes but don't you worry - there will be more posts and pictures to come. Janae's over there right now getting her room ready for Parent-Teacher night tonight. She is so excited for teaching that she can't sleep past 6 anymore. I woke up to her this morning leaving on a run to the gym. She's crazy.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

This weekend we went up to Jamie's grandparents cabin just east of Heber City. The view was gorgeous and the food was amazing, but memories of the soon to come cold weather plagued my mind. Billy made a very interesting observation while at the cabin. The older generation (like the cabin we were at) likes to make sure to have the nicest homes, furniture, clothing etc. but at the same time use the oldest forms of technology (ie a computer and TV from 1980). While Billy and I don't mind our poor living conditions and daily hamburger helper as long as we have the newest computer and iphone. ha things have changed.
No, I am not diabetic or have some other health condition, that is a body bug on my arm. Billy surprised me with it a few weeks ago. It keeps track of all the calories you burn through the day, your steps and your physical activity.

Don't look too excited Clay! She worships her big brother!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Shhh..... don't tell my mom but we bought a scooter. She likes to refer to scooters as murdercycles. I disagree. If anyone would like a ride I would be more than happy to do it! The scooter is perfect for evening rides to Utah Lake, Grocery shopping (I end up holding all the bags), going to 24 hour together, or anywhere else we want to. I like to tell myself it is saving the environment and gas money. Future trips with Scoo Scoo (scooters name) is to Arizona to visit Dan and Jamie at law school!

Billy and I before formal night on the cruise. The cruise did not make any money off of us. I am pretty sure I had two main courses (steak and lobster) and close to three desserts that night!

I loved Seattle the most! This is us on the space needle. If you do ever go to the space needle make sure you are on the elevator with normal people, otherwise it is a long ride up. We learned from experience. Favorite parts of Seattle included the largest most beautiful Nordstrom, Pike's Fish Market, fish and chips, mini cheesecakes, music museum and the clean public underground transportation system (I am a nerd I know).
Us in front of the Parliament building in British Colombia. Moments later I answered Canadian trivia, which I answered correctly somehow, for a television news station. Pretty much I am famous up North now! P.S. Canada is cold any time of year.
This was in Astoria, Oregon. We decided to go to get our picture taken on a large anchor just outside of an awesome fisherman's museum that we went to. This little town was so much fun. We loved going to the antique shops, walking along the coast and meeting lots of really fun people.

Johnstons Mill Bed and Breakfast. Funny story: we were lost in midway for almost an hour trying to find this bed and breakfast on our wedding night. Ha, someone was a little frustrated. It was gorgeous and worth the drive!