Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Highlights thus Far!

Some people can't stand having nothing to do (like a job or school). Other people, like me, are fine not working, sleeping in and just hanging out all day every day. I think I could do this forever but I guess three months will have to do. Billy had school spring semester but took the summer off. Party! Our summer so far has included a lot of laziness, scooter rides, fireworks on our roof, softball games galore, bbq's, weddings, criminal minds, and Billy's birthday celebration (I am obsessed with making birthdays a huge deal). We left on Friday for AZ to visit my brother. We ate a lot, had pool time, went to a diamondback game and laughed the entire time. When Dan and Billy get together they demature 10 years (according to Jamie:) and are constantly joking. Now we are in California for the next month staying at Billy's parents. Have I ever mentioned I LOVE my in-laws. Here are some pictures of what we have been doing.
My new favorite hippie restaurant, "Pita Jungle." Best Portabella Mushroom Burger ever.
Love my high school besties. Timpanogos tennis team reunion ha.
B-$$$ made a special birthday rap for Billy outside of the 7-11. He was thrilled.
Billy is a little too close with his friends.
The girls at Billy's surprise ice cream party.
Goodwood Birthday Dinner
Oregano's in AZ. Pizza, Subs and a Pazookie.
Diamondback's game. They won! Jamie is due in 3 weeks.