Monday, November 30, 2009

This week I….

-Played qb at the annual chick bowl.

-Ate Pedros….Billy’s favorite taquito in the world (I submitted this photo to

-Made cupcakes of course along with my first cupcake shake with Jimmy.

-Mastered weird human tricks. Yes, I can levitate.

-Slept on an air mattress that somehow broke Thanksgiving night after eating so much and woke up on the floor. We already heard all of the fat jokes you can think of please do not leave a fat joke comment.

-Went running and to the gym with my mother-in-law and Shelly.

-Played in the Jacobs tennis tournament. Billy and I took first.

-Made up a dance to Miley Cyrus party in the USA

-Played with photo booth on my computer. I love that I can be myself with my in-laws.

-Played ping pong for hours.

-Ate Thanksgiving dinner… it was insanely delicious. There was a pie for each person totaling 14.

-Had tummy time (this is when you eat too much and for some strange reason laying on your tummy helps so much)

-Found out Dan and Jaime are PREGGERS AHHHH! I like to believe that it is because of me that a new child will be entering into the world. I was the matchmaker.

-Enjoyed 80 degree weather.

-Watched the office into the wee hours of the night.

-Watched the byu game comfortably on the couch with more food than you can imagine and sold our game tickets… time to go shopping.

-Woke up with this in my bed cuddled up next to me.....

-Forgot I had a job back home and didn’t grade/plan a thing even though we are starting the human sexuality unit and I have so much preparation to do

Overall, it was pretty much one of my favorite weeks ever.

Isn't he the hottest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i read a book.....

so i have to admit i am not a big reader. i like it when i find a good book and have time to read but usually i stick to cwtv, abc, house and blogs to entertain me in my spare time. i decided i was going to start reading other than from a computer screen. i told my mom about my goal and she recommended the hunger games to me. she is a smart woman....start me on a young adult/kids book so that i don't quit after chapter one and turn on modern family. guess what...... i loved it! i was hooked. i couldn't put it down. (don't tell billy but i have a slight crush on peeta) it was the perfect combination of an action story and love story. read it now.

we are in california for turkey day. we got here last night at 9:30 after an eventful road trip consisting of now and laters, house watching, and napping. today we went to the gym and for a run. my mother-in-law is so speedy!! she ended the run in a full out sprint.... she is my hero! we started cooking today and had a ping-pong tournament and i retired as the house champion. yes it is 80 degrees and billy is wearing shorts. it is going to be hard to go back to the snow....
pictures will be posted shortly. bye bye.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Free Tires for Life=No Bueno

It all started at Brent Brown, August 4, 2008, deciding whether or not to buy my Jeep. The salesman realized they were starting to lose me so they threw in these great deals: FREE TIRES FOR LIFE, free oil change, free car washes and free air fresheners (yes I was very excited for the new car scent for the rest of my jeeps life). I had hit the jackpot. Sergio (my salesman) realized that he had sold me with these offers. Side note: Sergio quit the next day don’t ask me why...oh wait probably because he promised things that he couldn’t fulfill. I believed I was dealing with a win-win situation. I get free tires and they get my mula for the car. Turns out this was a win-LOSE situation….me being the loser. You ask me how? Tires are so expensive who doesn’t want free tires. There was a stipulation in order to receive free tires, every 3,000 miles I had to bring my car in for them to do work performed. A new car doesn’t need all this crazy stuff. Labor is always half the cost. Who knew that rotating tires and ‘checking’ not changing the air filter would total 200 DOLLARS? I need to get into the auto repair business because they are making way more money for spinning tires than I do for molding young children’s minds and helping them to become good citizens. According to my amazing mathematic skills I have probably paid more in unnecessary maintenance than it would cost seven years down the road for a new set of tires.

Plus he left a gross grease smudge on the inside of my door.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

6 Months=180 Days…I think

Can you believe it Billy?? It has been six months since we got hitched! It really has been the BEST decision I have ever made. I decided to write my favorite memories that I have had with my boy in the last six months. Remember readers I am not doing this to make you think my life is better than yours. I feel like some blogs make me feel like I am not doing enough with my life. Believe me…..Our kind of night is eating frozen burritos/baked potatoes and watching House until we go to bed by ten, but really that is ALL I need to be happy with BILLY!!

1. The night we thought there was a burglar in our house when it really was just my clothes rack falling over.

2. Our Mondays together in the summer. Every Monday we both had work off and our days went like this…. Gym, mountain bike, eat, watch Chuck, eat again, make pizza, watch Burn Notice.

3. Dancing together at Katies Halloween party. Dancing is more fun when you are married!

4. Billy taking care of me after my mouth surgery. Whether tucking me in, getting my meds, buying me popsicles, making smoothies and rubbing my head.

5. California 5k together and watching the bike parade while eating pancakes.

6. When Terri died in season one of 24, we were both ecstatic.

7. Billy fixing the heater

8. Playing games on our iphones in bed Sunday mornings for an hour before church.

9. Scooter rides to Utah lake, Smiths or football games.

10. Laughing till we cry watching Always Sunny

11. Being on a softball league together. We WILL get shirts next year.

12. Using our gift cards from the wedding at restaurants. Why did those have to run out? Feel free to send presents for our 6 month anniversary.

13. Watching Billy play with my neices and nephews or listening to my dad talk to him for hours.

14. EVERY morning (not kidding) Billy asks me when we first wake up “what can I do for you.” That is his first thought.

15. There are so many more but my students are finishing up their projects so I better be a good teacher and teach now ha. Bye bye.

Love you BILLY