Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Whenever my friends (or people I call friends but don't actually know in real life) don't update their blogs I get mad because I love stalking people through their blogs. Call me creepy but I know you do the same thing. I realized I am a hypocrite because I haven't updated the blog in so long. There is no theme or organization for this post, just a bunch of random pictures and stories. Here goes.

Billy surprised me with a weekend getaway to VEGAS! How could you not love Vegas.... Buffets, shopping, swimming and funny drunk people.
Bellagio Buffet
Don't worry about the fact that I tried ten different animals at the buffet. Not going Vegetarian anytime soon:)
Last Wednesday a friend from the gym offered me her bib number for the Logan Marathon because she hurt her knee. F-R-E-E marathon um yes please. The longest run I had done for a while was 15 miles so I was a little nervous. We went up to Logan on Friday and stayed with Preston and Shawnee. Paige and Jordan came over and we partied. Billy was lucky enough to hear about our favorite high school memories....it was so fun! We woke up at five the next morning and Billy drove me to the buses. The marathon was perfect. It was absolutely beautiful, the leaves in the canyon were changing colors and the temperature was perfect. I made a new P.R. of 3 hours 4 minutes. I took first in my age group and won some money and a trophy. I loved not having to pay for the race... why do we pay other people to run I will never understand:)

Paulina's bachelorette party at the cheesecake factory. Definitely a good time.
Thanks a lot Jessie for leaving us. We went to the Tree Room in Sundance for a farewell dinner. Pretty sure we were there for at least three hours.

Well thats it for the next five months until I post again.
To my favorite blogs: Would you mind posting more often, like at least three times a week. Thanks