Sunday, December 20, 2009

Before Billy I Never..........

1. Ate bedtime snacks of pretzels/cheezits/cereal in bed
2. Took a multivitamin
3. Kept a credit card for 6 months before I lost it.
4. Cleaned up a dead spider
5. Read books for fun
6. Put my car keys in the same place after use (k I am still working on that)
7. Listened to Taylor Swift
8. Got excited about Apple coming out with a new product
9. Ate hamburgers very often let alone bacon
10. Watched an ENTIRE football game
11. Shaved my legs in the winter (not that Billy does that)
12. Knew how to whistle (took me three times to spell that right ha)
13. Was so hopeful and happy

I guess its pretty fun trying to be like your best friend.

P.S This is the back of Billy's new shirt, I laugh so hard every time he wears it....nerd alert:)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I know it's Christmas time but......

I am a little ashamed but I just emailed my husband my birthday wish list. It is still 59 days away but I get a little excited. Plus I already picked out my Christmas presents in a stop to Nordstrom. Don't feel bad for Billy I already have all of his Christmas presents and I already know what I want to get for his birthday in July before I started thinking about what I want for my Birthday. Still how did I get so lucky with such a selfless husband. New Years Resolution #1: Stop online shopping during school and stop counting down days until my Birthday (I have done this since I learned how to count).

Here are a few of my favorites.

Steve Madden 'Cybul' BootLush Rosette Appliquéd Tee (Juniors)TOMS 'Classic' Canvas Slip-On (Women)
P.S. Cute story....
So about a month and a half ago Billy and I were at a football game when I noticed a girl with an amazing headband/beanie/ear warmer. I told Billy that I must have that. I forgot about it but Billy researched Etsy and asked girls on campus that were wearing one where they got it. He surprised me on Friday with an early Christmas present.... a purple and a red headband. So stinkin thoughtful!

Thick Burnt Orange Knit Flower Headband. Can also be worn as a Neckwarmer Buy 2 and SAVE

Monday, December 14, 2009

How much is too much?

This entry is completely ridiculous…read at your own risk. When does hot chocolate cross the line from not so bad for you to half of your daily caloric intake/addiction? I am worried I am teetering on a thin line and I don’t want to end up at weekly HCA meetings. I could blame this ‘problem’ on -3 degree weather but to be honest I think I could drink hot chocolate all year long. So is it weird that I drink on average four-five glasses of hot chocolate a day? How much is too much? How much hot chocolate do you drink?