Sunday, April 18, 2010

salt lake marathon 4/17

Wow! I haven't posted in a LONG time. Get ready for picture overload:)

Doing a marathon has always been one of my biggest goals. I decided in January that it was time to finally do it! Training is a long process especially when you live in Utah and the weather forces you to do your long runs on the treadmill. The golds gym members and employees probably think I am psycho due to the fact that I would sing out loud, get emotional watching Oprah and bring a meal to eat as I ran for three hours straight during the training process. Many blood blisters, missing toenails (TMI???) and chaffing experiences later it finally came down to the last two weeks of training. I decided that I wasn't going to run during my tapering period except for one five-miler. I did spin, some weight training and the elliptical but I felt like my body was feeling really warn down from so much running. Not only that but I really do enjoy being lazy and during my spring break I made sure to be located on my couch as much as possible. The day before the marathon Billy and I made sure to be extra lazy. We ate a lot (I don't believe in carb loading but more like calorie loading), we watched a lot of TV and finally went up to Salt Lake to pick up the bib and walk around the expo. P.S. Billy has been the most supportive husband through all of this. He was always so interested in my runs and making sure to get me the best shoes/running accessories etc. He was supposed to have a scheduled final during the race but he did everything he could and got the professor to allow him to take it later so he could be there.

Neither of us slept very well that night but we woke up at 4:50 AM and we were both in really good moods and full of energy. We hurried and grabbed breakfast (cinnamon sugar bagel from Einsteins and almond butter) and rushed up to Draper to pick up my aunt and cousin who were doing the half. I am so happy that they decided to run this race with me because they are HILARIOUS!! They really calmed my nerves and made me forget what I was about to do as we (including Billy) waited at the starting line for 45 minutes. The gun went off and I started to make my way through huge herds of people. Being a marathon virgin I made sure to read a lot of articles and stories about making sure to save your energy for the the last half and to take it easy at the beginning. About 1/2 a mile into it I thought, "That's lame....why make myself go slow when my body and mind feel so fresh and I have so much energy." Billy, Danny and Shelly were the BEST cheerleaders ever! They came to 7 different areas and took so many pictures. It gave me a boost of energy every time I saw them (along with the no-doze and other legal aids that I took:). My dad and sister also were at mile 20 and the finish line. Rachelle even ran next to me for a little while. The weather was PERFECT and the route was really gorgeous! I think I am addicted to marathons. I hit the wall HARD at mile 23 and it was by far my slowest mile.

I finished in 3 hours and 20 minutes. 10 minutes faster than my goal for the race and 20 minutes faster than I needed to in order to qualify for Boston. I took first place for my age group and 45/1007 (including men). Every time I passed a man running that looked like he was a hard core runner I got the biggest high ha! They probably thought I was going to burn out ha! I don't have a competitive bone in me;)

Okay this is way to much typing so time for pictures. P.S. I am really sore! P.P.S I need to learn how to run and drink gatorade at the same time. I was a sticky mess by the end.

Seriously the best part of the race was seing him along the way!
I look really happy, once again people thought I was crazy. Please note I didn't post pictures during miles 22-26! I looked like I was going to kill someone.

Making sure I was keeping pace:)

Water boy

Sprint towards finish line..... Yeah that is a painful look!
I collapsed to the ground after the finish line. It was the weirdest feeling...I felt like all of the muscles in my leg detached from the bones and became jello.
DAD!! Mom wasn't able to come because she has been really sick with allergies... but she was able to watch me from the GPS on her computer. She followed me the entire time and she told me that at times she was crying, and yelling out loud at the computer to cheer me on.
The gorgeous sister and me. No I did not eat four creamies right after I finished.

For some reason I cried a few times a long the way and especially at the end. I felt my Grandad (who loved running/coaching track) was there cheering me on:)
Yep, he's mine:)
My favorite running buddies! Aunt Laura and Erin
Going up to get my medal for first place wahoo!!!
Admiring the shininess:)
I am going to run in the BOSTON marathon next April. I am already looking at plane tickets!
Now that school is almost over I will be blogging a lot more. Hope everyone is doing amazing!!!


Chelsea said...

Congrats on completing a marathon, and even more so getting 1st place for your age! That is fantastic. You are incredible. Hope your body recovers well!!

Kelly said...

holy crap. That is amazing. My best friend here in Tucson ran one a little bit ago. Sheesh!! That is just crazy. In a good way!! Way to go!!

Preston and Jamyn said...

Janae you are my hero! I want to do that someday! Billy is awesome! I love all the pics with him. You are still gorgeous after running a marathon... what????
p.s. LOVE the outfit of choice for the marathon! I have the same one :) Way to go Janaester! Love ya!

Roxy said...

Janae...seriously you are amazing. I am so freaking proud of you! It makes me a little bit mad about my leg bumming out..or else we would have been right there with you! Well..probably about 40 minutes behind. You rock. I love the shorts.

sdralphs said...

Janae I am amazed at how amazing you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy fast woman you are. I am so proud! I too would have been pumped every time I passed a man! You just get satisfaction out of beating a man. I cannot believe you finished 45th! And first out of your age group. I loved all the pictures and how happy and full of energy your face was! You are my hero! One day I hope to run one! You will be my trainer!

Travis and Teresa Wilson said...

Seriously that is so amazing. To be honest I don't think I would ever want to run a marathon. A half sounds appealing to me, but pretty sure it would be a once in a lifetime thing. You look amazing!!!

Kristen said...

Janae you are a freaking rock star! I cannot believe how cool you are for running a marathon and doing so well. Congratulations!

Sarah said...

J you are amazing! You are my hero! I'm so proud of you! Congratulations. You have ininspired me to start training for our triatholon.

Ashlee and Scott said...

Janae, I'm so proud of you! Seriously, that's an awesome accomplishment. And yes, I do believe you ate four Creamies...although I expected more from you ;) Call me when you get a minute, when you're not sore anymore.

Dan said...

Best Post Ever!! Jamie and I are so happy for you!! See you in May!

melissa marie said...

you are amazing miss janae!!!! i loved reading this post. not only did you complete a marathon but you took 1st place!!! you should be so proud. you look like a twig by the way!

p.s. don't worry i've shed my share of tears at golds gym too during oprah. ha ha. i swear running just brings it out of ya.

Shane and Jena Rowley said...

I'm speechless! You are a super star! Help me get in better shape.

KimmyJ said...

Janae you are amazing. You better go to Boston!!

paige and jord said...

what an accomplishment nae-nae! so proud of you.. and you look SOOO great! hope all is well. xoxo

Mindee & Austin said...

Congrats Janae! You are amazing!! WoW, First place, thats so cool your going to Boston next april!! I hope youre doing good, and everything is well in life : )

Tara said...

You are so AMAZING!