Sunday, June 13, 2010

Numero Dos

It is my summer vacation!! One of the best reasons to be a teacher is summer!! Even though I still go in and work a few times a week at the school and I am teaching summer school for the next two weeks, I have loved being able to sleep in everyday and hang out with Billy/friends/family in the middle of the day!! I also love being able to eat breakfast and lunch at home.... I know that sounds strange but during the school year I am never able to sit down and really enjoy my meals without students around or grading at the same time. I should probably start lesson planning because next year I am teaching health, drivers ed, civics, PE, world civ/geography and student government. I will also be coaching cross country and in charge of Breakfast Club (a girls self-esteem workshop). That's what you have to do these days in order to have a teaching job... stupid economy.
About a month ago a friend told me she could no longer to the Utah Valley Marathon after she had already paid and wanted to know if I wanted to do it. I don't know what I was thinking but I immediately got online and transferred her bib number to me. I trained over the last month (indoors on a treadmill, not because it is cold but I am scared to death of running by myself after that girl got raped and nearly killed on the provo trail). I think I worked on carb loading more than I did on training:) Making brownies at ten at night and explaining to Billy that I am carb loading the week before the race is a little much I think. I was planning on riding the bus to the starting line but Billy insisted he drive me there at 4:15 AM. It was raining and 43 degrees. Why do people pay money to do this to themselves? At the starting line I was standing next to two men from Kenya. The prize money was a lot so this race attracted a lot of elite athletes. The first half was emotionally exhausting. I was soaked, freezing, tired and felt lonely in the dark canyon (the first 18 miles) but once I reached the bottom of the canyon and saw my Mom, Laura and Billy it was fun again and I was able to push myself. The race finished at the Provo mall. I finished in 3 hours and 8 minutes. I took first in my age group. This race was so well organized and they had so many more aid stations stocked with gels, food, gatorade. I can't say I enjoyed the first half but the second half really was fun.
The fan crew.... Billy is taking the picture
1 of 3 blood blisters from running in the rain (the other ones were worse).
Finish line
The race went right in front of our house... I was tempted to just run inside and go to bed.


Sarah said...

You're awesome! Good job! Ho do you look so cute after running a marathon?

Emo Henshaw said...

Nay Nay. I am SO proud of you! Good job girl. I want to be you! I think they girl in the purple went to Utah State and was in my major. Do you know her name?

Leslee said...

You are amazing and my hero! If only I could run as fast as you:) Your look way too good to have just run a marathon in these pics! And one more thing, you and your husband are adorable!

Shane and Jena Rowley said...

yet again you leave me speechless --- you go girl!

Kristen and Andrew said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I cannot belive you were able to cut so much time off yout last race! Way to go! I hope you won a lot of money-- or food-- or something... you deserve it! :)

Preston and Jamyn said...

Janae... I just want to know... WHO ARE YOU!?!
Seriosly!? Who just does that? If you want to be the energizer bunny when you grow up, you have already beat him. You're amazing... way to go!