Friday, August 7, 2009

Billy and I before formal night on the cruise. The cruise did not make any money off of us. I am pretty sure I had two main courses (steak and lobster) and close to three desserts that night!

I loved Seattle the most! This is us on the space needle. If you do ever go to the space needle make sure you are on the elevator with normal people, otherwise it is a long ride up. We learned from experience. Favorite parts of Seattle included the largest most beautiful Nordstrom, Pike's Fish Market, fish and chips, mini cheesecakes, music museum and the clean public underground transportation system (I am a nerd I know).
Us in front of the Parliament building in British Colombia. Moments later I answered Canadian trivia, which I answered correctly somehow, for a television news station. Pretty much I am famous up North now! P.S. Canada is cold any time of year.
This was in Astoria, Oregon. We decided to go to get our picture taken on a large anchor just outside of an awesome fisherman's museum that we went to. This little town was so much fun. We loved going to the antique shops, walking along the coast and meeting lots of really fun people.

Johnstons Mill Bed and Breakfast. Funny story: we were lost in midway for almost an hour trying to find this bed and breakfast on our wedding night. Ha, someone was a little frustrated. It was gorgeous and worth the drive!