Sunday, August 9, 2009

This weekend we went up to Jamie's grandparents cabin just east of Heber City. The view was gorgeous and the food was amazing, but memories of the soon to come cold weather plagued my mind. Billy made a very interesting observation while at the cabin. The older generation (like the cabin we were at) likes to make sure to have the nicest homes, furniture, clothing etc. but at the same time use the oldest forms of technology (ie a computer and TV from 1980). While Billy and I don't mind our poor living conditions and daily hamburger helper as long as we have the newest computer and iphone. ha things have changed.
No, I am not diabetic or have some other health condition, that is a body bug on my arm. Billy surprised me with it a few weeks ago. It keeps track of all the calories you burn through the day, your steps and your physical activity.

Don't look too excited Clay! She worships her big brother!


Preston & Shawnee said...

Janae I am so glad you made a blog!!! This will be such a good way to keep updated. Looks like you guys are having fun going to cabins and riding scoo scoo :) It was great to see you at the reunion, we'll let you guys know when we're back in Orem!

billy said...

Awesome Blog Janae! Keep up the good work!