Monday, November 30, 2009

This week I….

-Played qb at the annual chick bowl.

-Ate Pedros….Billy’s favorite taquito in the world (I submitted this photo to

-Made cupcakes of course along with my first cupcake shake with Jimmy.

-Mastered weird human tricks. Yes, I can levitate.

-Slept on an air mattress that somehow broke Thanksgiving night after eating so much and woke up on the floor. We already heard all of the fat jokes you can think of please do not leave a fat joke comment.

-Went running and to the gym with my mother-in-law and Shelly.

-Played in the Jacobs tennis tournament. Billy and I took first.

-Made up a dance to Miley Cyrus party in the USA

-Played with photo booth on my computer. I love that I can be myself with my in-laws.

-Played ping pong for hours.

-Ate Thanksgiving dinner… it was insanely delicious. There was a pie for each person totaling 14.

-Had tummy time (this is when you eat too much and for some strange reason laying on your tummy helps so much)

-Found out Dan and Jaime are PREGGERS AHHHH! I like to believe that it is because of me that a new child will be entering into the world. I was the matchmaker.

-Enjoyed 80 degree weather.

-Watched the office into the wee hours of the night.

-Watched the byu game comfortably on the couch with more food than you can imagine and sold our game tickets… time to go shopping.

-Woke up with this in my bed cuddled up next to me.....

-Forgot I had a job back home and didn’t grade/plan a thing even though we are starting the human sexuality unit and I have so much preparation to do

Overall, it was pretty much one of my favorite weeks ever.

Isn't he the hottest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paulina said...

you are freaking hillarious. I'm inspired to be funner every time I read your blog. I love your love for life, and Billy compliments you perfectly.
I love you!

sdralphs said...

how cute are you! I love Billy and you together. So cute. Can I say I love making music videos! Have not done one for awhile, but you have inspired me. Looks like you had a fun Thanksgiving! When we doing yogurt?

Hayden said...

hahaha i think i'm going to do tummy time. I love how you explained it's where you eat a lot and lay on the floor. haha i'm excited to see you tonight!

billy said...

Haha one of your lime eyes is bigger than the other. Also - you didn't know that I had such gymnastic feats in me did you? Ps the last picture looks like it was taken in provo...

Janae and Bil Bil said...
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Travis and Teresa Wilson said...

Looks like such a fun week. I wish I made the gym a part of mine. Next week.

Jess said...

insert fat joke here. ha.

Chelsea said...

Tuesday works for me! Red Mango is my fav!! Just tell me when, my number is 734-0341.

kels&murr said...

oh janae! i miss you so much. it looks like you are LOVING married life!!! I am glad you had a great Thanksgiving. ps. you are absolutely GORGEOUS!

Preston and Jamyn said...

Janae! Oh shut up! ha ha I love the dance! I'll show it to Jodi and have you come choreograph for us. What do you charge? :)

paige and jord said...

nae nae, hi! im happy we can still keep our friendship alive through blogging. it looks like things are going well! miss you girl.