Thursday, October 22, 2009

dear today,

why does it have to be the second day of parent teacher conference?

why have I already finished my huge bag of cheezits (9:17 a.m) that were to last until 8 tonight?

why do I have a parent insisting that Billy and I come over to their house next wednesday to tutor their failing daughter for six hours? and why did he give me her phone number to text her at night to go to bed and every morning telling her to get up and come to school. i do not remember ever having a child with this man and now having to be her mother.

why did i wake up to go to the gym at five? i am so tired i can't see straight.

why is the internet slow the days that i am here for thirteen hours?

why do i never remember my classroom is freezing and insist on wearing short sleeved shirts in october.

why can i not come up with the perfect halloween costume?

dear every other day of my life,

why do i love my job so much?!

why does billy know that him dancing in the kitchen after a long day makes me incredibly happy?

how the heck did i get billy?

why does my mom still do my laundry for me because she knows i hate doing laundry?

why did we get an amazing little house to live in that is dirt cheap? and why does our landlord continually pay for our heating/water bills?

why do i have amazing friends in my life that still like me even though i am married? ha

why am i so dang happy?

why am i so lucky to have the gospel in my life?


Janae Jacobs


billy said...

Pretty cool picture. Hang in there. You've only got 9 hours left...

The Izant's said...

You are so cute Janasty! :) I love your blog so much!

sdralphs said...

Cute post girly! I cannot believe that parents wants you to text their child. Crazy. I would love to see how different your school is from mine. When you find out the answer to how you got a sweet dirt cheap place let us know! We need in on that secret! Your adorable!

Ashton + Brian said...

i founnnnd yoooou... i love this! now i can stay updated cuz i NEVER see you! this is so much more informative than your facebook page :) haha see you tues!! :)

Preston and Jamyn said...

We be blogging! Yay!
Ok I love reading your blog- so entertaining. I miss you! Let's gym it! KB for sure! Love you!