Monday, October 26, 2009

Running=Five Guys

so saturday i taught spin and went for a thirteen mile run with the sis. and what did i do after that???? i made a beautiful lunch filled with lean proteins, veggies and a half cup of brown rice. YEAH RIGHT!!!! i really went to five guys with billy and ate a hamburger and probably close to three serving of fried goodness (french fries). following that, off to the costco to shop and try every sample numerous times!! never before have they had candy samples at the costco. i figured if i visited the candy booth in five minute intervals and took a handful of candies explaining they were for my polygamist family in the cereal aisle the man in the hairnet would never notice i kept coming for more. kids, that is how you trick or treat. why must i kill myself off running up the canyon for two hours and intake the same amount of calories burned in 13 minutes? i guess i will never learn!


sdralphs said...

My kind of girl! Yeah! Except I don't do the 13 miles! ha ha! I just eat the food! I do more like 3 miles. So fun seeing you. We need longer time to chat!