Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rise and Shout the Cougars are Out

It is football season and you know what that means in Provo.... BBQ's, traffic, hot chocolate, tackles, sno-cones and BYU students unleashing their crazy side once a week. Yes a student was escorted from the stands by a police officer for throwing a paper airplane last night. Billy and I got all-sports passes this year (our third football season together I might add) with Danny, Shelly and a bunch of friends. Last night BYU played Utah State. Billy and I took the scooter and got parking ten feet from the stadium, it was amazing! The ride home was a little chilly but so worth it.

In other news Billy has been rocking school. He got a 100% on his physics and calculus midterms and a 96% on his electrical engineering and religions tests. The class average for his calculus test was 67%!!! He is clearly the smartest person I know! He also has been learning about how to program applications for the I-phone so if you have any good ideas on an app you would like let us know! I am still LOVING school. My students are the best. It is so fun to get to know their personalities and how they learn best. I have a job that I look forward to getting up in the morning to go to! I started drivers ed. also and I was worried I wouldn't like it but it turns out it is so fun, and we have only had one minor accident ha! Next week I will be having a gum graft so I will be on an all liquid/really soft food diet. Feel free to join me for a weekend filled of movies, milkshakes and pudding. Bye bye for now.


sdralphs said...

Janae adorable blog! It looks like Billy and you are loving life and keeping busy! I am so so happy you are loving school! It's a private school right? Or maybe charter? I don't remember what you told me. I bet it is so different from my school. Ha ha. I would love to meet up and plan stuff. I start my sex ed unit in like three weeks and want to totally revamp it. So if you have great ideas I need them!

Jer and Jules said...

oh Jananae how I have missed our good times at Timp. I check your blog religiously and was pleased that you finally put some new pictures up. You act like you are busy. ha ha Anyways you guys are the cutest, especially now that you have a scooter. We definitely need to talk soon! Miss you Ju Ju

Sarah said...

Remember when we got all sports passes? I think we may have gone to three games and every time we left before half time because we were bored. Ah, the days when I could leave sporting events early. Those were the days.