Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Tradition

Every Fall I convince billy that we need to take a trip up the canyon to look at the leaves. At the end of our Sundance extravaganza this year he said, “that was pretty painless.” He always dreads this tradition but I know deep down he loves staring at dying trees with me. I wanted him to collect leaves and start a leaf journal but that was one step too far. This year we traded him going up the canyon (1 hour) for me watching the byu and angel game (5 hours). Fair trade=you decide.

I got thirsty.

Pondering the beauty of his surroundings.

I have been watching way to much “America’s Next Top Model.”


Anonymous said...

Darling!!!! I love that you guys are startng your own traditions! Good job Janae!! Keep working on that! And Billy...I'm not sure the World Series counts as a family tradition in any family other than ours!!! But I like it!!
Love you guys!
Mom Jacobs

Sarah said...

Hey, I have a leaf journal too. It's right next to my stamp journal and my lock of hair collection.